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Infested by Anger 

Out on 19th October 2012

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Name: Chris Klapper

Birthday: Sept. 18th

Birthplace : Herne (GER)

Place of residence: Herne (GER)






» Drumsets, Pedals
» Snaredrums, Hardware
» Cymbals


Chris exclusively plays ROHEMA Drumsticks.




Musical background: I started playing drums as Custard was founded. As I got first experiences I took lessons with a jazz-drummer (he was sick!!). I took part of some projects but my main-focus was Custard everytime.




Food: Burritos

Drink: German beer & Canadian Whisky

Hobbies: change daily

Place to be: on stage

Movie: Lord of the rings

Actress / Actor: Gina Wild ;-), Leslie Nielsen

TV-programm: none

Book: "Jungsmusik" by Micha-El Goehre

Author: Tolkien

Band: AC/DC, Nightwish, Stratovarius, J.B.O., ...many

Album: "1916"- Motörhead

Song: "I spit on your grave"- Sinergy

Music Video: "Whenever, wherever" - Shakira

Gig wih Custard: Röhre (Stuttgart/Ger.) with Skyclad (´96)

Gig you have seen: Dee Snider - Wacken ´00




Instument you played: violin

Album you bought: "Love gun" - Kiss

Concert you've been: Motorhead, King Diamond, Destruction (Pink Pallace-Essen/Ger. ´84?)

Custard Concert you played: JZ Heisterkamp/ Herne , 19.08.1989




Respect to? Jörg Michael, Alex Holzwarth, Dan Zimmermann,...

Who would you like to tour with? Rockbitch !

Solo Project? playing in an other band? 100% Custard

Bands you played before Custard: first band


Thanx and Greets to: My family & friends and all who gives some respect to me and my work with Custard !

Last words: ... only one life, no rewind, use it !