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Infested by Anger 

Out on 19th October 2012

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Name: Markus Berghammer

Birthday: March 6th

Birthplace : Herten (GER)

Place of residence: Recklinghausen (GER)






Gallien Krueger
» MB 500
» Bass Driver Programmable
» 4x10"
» 1x15"
» Ibanez BTB DX-TKF




Musical background: Start playing music in 1990. Member in several bands and performing on Electrolution Pt.1. Owning an independent e-music label House of Mayhem for 5 years.




Food: Thai food ... very spicy Thai food!

Drink: Carlsberg Elephant (yummy!) Every kind of sophisticated Single Malt Whisky.

Hobbies: my son, making music, sports.

Place to be: if not on stage, at home chilling on the carpet.

Movie: Apocalypto

Actress / Actor: John Malkovic, Mel Gibson, Salma Hayek (lechz!)

TV-programm: nothing special

Book: The Cthullu myth, People of Darkness

Author: H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard (creator of Conan)

Band: Annihilator (Jeff rules!)

Album: Carnival Diablos (Annihilator)

Song: Dr. Psycho (Annihilator)

Music Video: Ratamahatta (Sepultura)

Gig wih Custard: every gig that is about to come

Gig you have seen: Suicidal Tendencies / Sick of it all - Heineken Music Hall/Amsterdam 1995




Instument you played: Guitar

Album you bought: If you want Blood (AC/DC)

Concert you've been: Iron Maiden - Grugahalle/Essen Somewhere in Time-Tour

Custard Concert you played: Koje / Emsdetten




Respect to? all folks that appreciate good music

Who would you like to tour with? Annihilator, Suicidal Tendencies, At Vance

Solo Project? playing in an other band? 100% Custard

Bands you played before Custard: Seventh Gate, Craze, Warfred


Thanx and Greets to: everybody who knows and appreciates me. Hail to YOU!

Last words: ... not yet, indeed !!!